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We have been avid fans of LEGO® and games of all kinds since we were kids. Our love for these colorful bricks and strategic games led us to open up a store that would cater to our fellow enthusiasts.

Some of our favorite things include building sessions, mingling with visitors and building new friendships.

We are excited to help create and nurture a community around our shared love for LEGO® and games and are thrilled to turn our passion into a thriving part of our community that brings joy and excitement to all who visit.

~Kristie, Natalie and Mary

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Give the Gift of Play

Treat your friends and loved ones to a gift card from Orion Bricks and Games. 

It’s a perfect gift for any occasion!


We have a large selection of LEGO®️, board games, dice, accessories and tabletop games! With all the variety in store there's sure to be something here for everybody!


We give cash for LEGO®️ sets or MTG or Pokémon singles that you want to sell. Come in and visit us for a price estimate. If you have bins of loose LEGO®️, we will pay $1.00 per pound (Estimates can vary if bricks are dirty or mixed with non-LEGO bricks and sometimes denied).


If you or your child are looking for something new and exciting, Orion's has a trade option. Bring us your PRE-loved LEGO®️, Magic the Gathering, Lorcana and Pokémon singles and we will give you an even better price for in-store credit!