Who are we?

We are the place to go for all things PLAY

Welcome to Orion Bricks and Games, where our priority is you and the gaming community. 

We strive to cultivate a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can participate in engaging and exciting activities and feel comfortable doing so. 

We offer a variety of products such as LEGO, Magic the Gathering, dice and accessories, Pokemon, board games, paints and miniatures, and much more. Whether you’re a solo player or with friends, there’s something here for everyone!

Our team is always eager and ready to help, whether it be finding a new game, LEGO set for you or friends or just to have a good time building or gearing up to play on your own. Whatever your goal, it’s our job to help you get there!

We wouldn’t be here without your support!

Thank you!

Meet the team

Kristie, the owner of Orion Bricks and Games has been playing with LEGO since she can remember. Games always came naturally to her and have been a love throughout her adulthood. More than anything she wanted share her passion for LEGO and games with everyone! What better way to do that than to open and cultivate a store where everyone is respected, welcome and most importantly encouraged to play!

Natalie, our Store Manager is a natural leader and winner of games. Her enthusiasm and talents make her perfect for pulling together our team and the community to play while leading us all to a brighter more inclusive future. Her favorite games to play are Dice Throne, MTG, Munchkin and Yatzee among her slew of video games as well! She is a true gamer in every way.

Mary, our part-time employee is such a kid at heart! Her Minecraft abilities are epic! Her creativity and imagination are the glue that hold us all together. During her down time she loves playing with her kitties, D&D with her friends and video games.

Harley and Henry are our two adorable pup mascots, and while you may not see them in the store, they are the two best dogs anyone could ask for! Loveable and derpy, they are the very best of us!

Our store was inspired by the stars and fueled by the dream of a world where we can all play!
Kristie Johnson
Founder, Owner
The story behind our name

When I was little, my dad used to take us on special adventures. I have fond and vivid memories of going out to a field where there wasn’t any light pollution. We would spread out a blanket just as it was getting dark and would lay under the stars, watching meteor showers when they came through or identifying planets and constellations. 

The very first constellation I can remember being able to identify on my own was Orion. I would use Orion’s belt to find it. I was so proud and it was always so fun! To this day, when I look up into the night sky, Orion reminds me of being a kid. The feeling I get is the very embodiment of adventure, fun and playing. It’s like getting to be a kid all over again.

In that spirit, we named our store Orion Bricks and Games and we strive to share that feeling of excitement and adventure with everyone who comes in. 

~Kristie Johnson

Orion Space Lego

What Our Customers Say

The employees at Orion Bricks and Games were so patient with me learning Lorcana. I can't wait to get better at it!
Andrew Ferris
I'm SO excited about this store! The owners are amazing, they are so genuine and welcoming!
lego, mini figure, photography-7286114.jpg
Katie Mellot
The owner, Kristie is such a gem of a human being! This store seems like such a great place to work!
lego, mini figuka, lego city-5396533.jpg
Alice Cannon